Hoist Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable, quality crane service.

Our focus on continuous improvement and ongoing training enable us to offer trouble-free installation and to offer inspection and preventative maintenance programs that help you reduce downtime and costly production losses.
Our maintenance program is designed to review your overhead system and to report parts that are worn or do not meet certain safety specifications. We will provide you with a quotation to repair any problems and/or replace any worn parts we detect in your system.
Our service crew is factory-trained, experienced and committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied.


Hoist Systems, Inc. has a complete erection crew, including licensed journeyman electricians and equipment, for proper installation of product. We have the respect and reputation of completing our contracts on time and in accordance with specifications.

We complete our installation by perfoming load tests prior to start up, tuning the crane for peak operating efficiency, conducting operator training and providing instructions on basic maintenance procedures.

Hoist Systems, Inc. regularly designs and builds to government and military specifications. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed the strict specifications involved in federal and government-spec jobs.

Inspections and Certifications


Hoist Systems, Inc. can customize an inspection and preventative maintenance program to suit your company’s needs while keeping your company in compliance with all OSHA required guidelines.

Our routine inspections will reduce your costs by indentifying worn parts prior to a breakdown, which allows for planned repairs.

We stronly believe that proper inspections and routine preventative maintenance will:

  • Decrease the potential for injury from equipment failure
  • Increase production by reducing or eliminating crane breakdowns
  • Increase the lifespan of your crane equipment


Hoist Systems, Inc. can provide load test certification for all your cranes and hoists. All cranes and hoists must be certified by testing their lifting capacity with 125% of the rated capacity. This must be completed on any newly installed crane prior to being placed in service and for any crane or hoist that has had any repairs done to load bearing parts.

Load Testing

Hoist Systems, Inc. has 27 years of experience in providing certified static and operational load testing services of cranes and hoists. We are capable of testing new, reinstalled, altered, repaired or modified equipment in order to ensure compliance with OSHA and ASME/ANSI safety regulations

Static Load Testing
Comprised of a stationary overload load test, which is conducted to verify the structural and mechanical integrity of the lifting equipment.

Operational Load Testing
Consists of performing an overload test at 125% of equipment rated capacity, and testing the following functions where applicable: hoisting and lowering of load, hoist brake hold, trolley and bridge operations.

Prior to performing any load test, a pre-inspection is performed to ensure the equipment is within safety standards. After the testing has been successfully completed, a load test certification document is provided and a load test lable is affixed to the system denoting the date the system passed testing. Those systems which fail testing will be required to be withdrawn from service until any noted deficiencies are corrected. This is necessary in order to prevent failure of the equipment and the possibility of an accident. Safety is always of primary concern.

Maintenance Programs

Hoist Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of crane and hoist services. We will gladly quote prices on individual applications, and we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Annual inspections as required by OSHA
  • Operator training as required by OSHA
  • Equipment inspections as needed (monthly and/or quarterly)
  • Train your personnel
  • On-call repairs
  • In-shop repairs
  • Maintenance training
  • Load testing
  • Free consulting for new systems or upgrades

Hoist Systems, Inc. will come to your site and perform the following maintenance and service needs:

  • Inspect and grease end trucks
  • Inspect and adjust the brakes on both hoist and bridge
  • Inspect and fill, as needed, all hoist and gear box fluids
  • Inspect and grease/lube all trolley and drive gears
  • Inspect hoist cable/chain and lube as needed
  • Adjust upper an lower limit switches
  • Supply proper documentation for you files upon completion